These posters were presented at XP2016

Paul I. Pazderski and Peter C. PazderskiAgile Transformation JourneyPoster
Kelsey van HaasterApplying The 12 Principles of the Agile Manifesto Beyond IT".Not uploaded
Paul RohorzkaCan You Understand This? - Five Major Assets for the Understanding of an Automated TestPoster
Stefan Wagner, Daniel Méndez Fernández, Michael Felderer and Marcos KalinowskiRequirements Engineering Practice and Problems in Agile Projects: Results from an International SurveyPoster
Sebastian Baltes, Stefan Wagner and Stephan DiehlSketches and Diagrams in PracticePoster
Paulo CaroliThe MVP CanvasPoster
David Bowes, Tracy Hall and Helen SharpSlip Slap Slop: Human Developer Characteristics and Code FaultsNot uploaded
Laz AllenSkyscanner Company Operating SystemPoster
Katharina Wiech, Stephanie Sombach and Stefanie ScherzingerA Datalog-based Tool for Schema Evolution in NoSQL DatabasesPoster
Stefan WagnerA Psychological Theory for Continuous Software EngineeringPoster
Binish TanveerImproving effort estimation in Agile software developmentNot uploaded
Kelsey van HaasterResponding to ChangePoster
Anh Nguyen Duc, Juhani Risku and Pekka Abrahamsson SEGameAn educational game for teaching Software EngineeringPoster
Silvia BordinTowards a more user-centred Agile developmentPoster