Empirical Studies

This is a new XP track that we are trying out this year. In this track we invite researchers who would like to collect empirical data from participants during XP2016 to submit their research plans. Accepted plans will then be run during XP2016 with researchers collecting empirical data live during sessions. The conference attracts a large number of software practitioners and researchers, providing a rare opportunity for researchers to collect volumes of good quality empirical data. There is a range of XP events where participants, for example, learn new techniques or come together to discuss particular issues of interest, these events, together with the main conference, offer a rich basis for collecting empirical data for research.

We anticipate a wide range of research plans being submitted. Plans may include collecting data from coding sessions that occur at XP2016 events, for example, test code produced during a coding challenge could be analysed to compare test code coverage/styles/errors/etc. to developer demographics. Plans could also be based on questionnaires/interviews/focus/groups/etc. investigating particular topics, for example, identifying whether practitioners think that stand up meetings are effective. We encourage ambitious plans to be submitted, so if you have an idea for a study for which you are struggling to collect data from practitioners, here is your chance to collect data from a potentially large pool of practitioners.

Submissions should be made via the conference submission site in the form of a research plan (2-4 pages) which will be published in the XP2016 proceedings. Authors of full papers that are subsequently produced and which are based on the data collected during XP2016 will be invited to submit their paper to a special section of the Information and Software Technology (IST) journal.

Research plans should include the following information:

Accepted research plans will be run alongside XP2016 events that best generate the data identified in the plans. At least one author from accepted plans should register, attend and run their data collection plan at XP2016.

Research plans will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. The significance, rigour and originality of the proposed research will be assessed alongside the suitability of the research to run at XP2016.

Important Dates

Track Organisers
Tracy Hall, Brunel University London, UK
Nat Pryce, Technemetis Ltd, UK

Feel free to email the Empirical Studies chairs at empirical-studies@xp2016.org.